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You're in luck. He's on a platform at the head end of the big gold Hutt statue in the middle of Nar Shaddaa's promenade. He's with what looks like a band or maybe just lip-syncing eyecandy of both genders. Wearing more extensive trousers, sad to say, but still shirtless! Sometimes the band's on break, so he isn't always there, but they seem to be present more often than not.

As an aside, the flavor text (what is it called in a video game anyway, set dressing?) around that statue, voiced or otherwise, is Nar Shaddaa in a nutshell. I love it.

(edit to include: ) I've seen the band there on both my Imperial and Republic characters, same location and same members, so they're not faction or level specific. Not interact-able though, more's the pity.