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Night of the Living Prompt: Culture Shock
Featuring: Broan.
I enjoyed the whole story, but this particular line stood out for me. I know Broan is thinking of the man in the diner, but this thought fits his experience almost as well. And I really liked Broan being unable to get the shapes out of his head; perhaps sharing the tattoo artist's experience without knowing it. He needed those shapes to be whole.

My biggest problem with the canon explanation was that it made the tattoos akin to merit badges or medals, and that everyone could read your achievements like an inked resume. They're supposed to be a spiritual people; putting a stamp on because you've reached mile fifteen didn't feel right. I also imagine that the tattoos could be anywhere on the body, according to the artist's vision. I like the direction you took it--it's not just a part of their culture. The shapes, wanting them, knowing the right pattern, is an intrinsic part of what it is to be Mirialan. As much a part of their species as a Zabrak's horns or a Twi'lek's lekku.