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  1. Sith Warrior: Sith Pureblood - I don't think this needs to be explained.
  2. Sith Inquisitor: Rattataki or Zabrak - regularly enslaved races with a fierce background, known to have potent Force users
  3. Imperial Agent: Chiss, obviously. This is a species primarily known for spying and tactical maneuvering and the whole Agent story seems to be built around a Chiss Agent. Although with the whole Human supremacy thing going on, Human might be a contender.
  4. Bounty Hunter: Cyborg or Rattataki.

  1. Jedi Knight: Human
  2. Jedi Consular: Miraluka or Mirialan. I do like Zabrak Shadows though.
  3. Smuggler: Twi'lek. As someone else said earlier, Twi'lek often are not even noticed due to their perceived inferiority. Makes perfect sense in a way.
  4. Trooper: Cyborg or Zabrak. Tough and ready for a fight.