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Republic wild card would be Mirilian, they could work for any the classes.

Jedi Knight: Human

Jedi Consular: Human, Miriluka (sees through the force)

Smuggler: Human, Twi'lek (any alien race could work, but female twi'lek fits very well here)

Trooper: Human, Zabrak (soldier life goes hand in hand with zabrak culture)

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________

Sith Juggernaut: Sith Pureblood, Human

Sith Inquisitor: Human, Zabrak (I'm pretty sure Darth Maul is one of the movie archtypes that make up this class, along with Palpatine.)

Imperial Agent: Chiss, Human

Bounty Hunter: Human, Rattataki (Ratattaki tend to have the american accent, they also have a reputation of being fearsome bounty hunters)