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02.06.2013 , 09:16 PM | #104
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while i agree with you that premades should be seperate from the pugs but right now its not viable because:

1. BW will not or cannot instill a cross server pvp que.
2. who wants to sit around for 2+ hours in que for rateds because there is not enough on the server queing for them.
3. most good players get bored steamrolling pugs so the only ones that do it on a constant basis are the ones that want easy wins.
4. the devs dont seem to put pvp as a priority so any agressive changes will take along time if at all.

I will not be quiting this game i love the story and i like star wars, the only strong issue i have with this game is with the resolve changes that happened in patch 1.4

This 100x