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When totalled up across prose, play, and planning, I have as many Sith Warriors as Republic characters. And as many Imperial Agents as Republic characters. And the sum of Inquisitors and Bounty Hunters is equal to or greater than the sum of any two Republic classes put together. And yes, I play favorites.
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Oo Oo story problem time!

Let R=total Republic characters
Let E=total Imperial characters (because I looks like a 1)
E sub W=number of Sith Warriors
E sub A=number of Imperial Agents


R=E sub W
R=E sub A
Therefore E sub W= E sub A
{Bounty Hunters+Inquisitors}>={Sum of any two Republic classes}

I think I need more variables, better set notation, and an actual number or two.
I believe that with the information given, the characters in the Legacy scene, the fact that I have two Bounty Hunters, the fact that the sum of Bounty Hunters and Inquisitors is strictly less than the number of Warriors, and the fact that I have an even number of Republic characters, is sufficient to determine all values K, C, S, T, W, I, A, and B.

The Legacy scene has the Knights Rho and Larr Gith, Trooper Vierce, Smugglers Nic and Kirsk, Warriors Ruth, Mellekor, Sevasht, and Nalenne, Inquisitors Ananz and Niselle, and Agents Dahlia and Wynston.
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