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As it is now,...what do people do in flashpoints? Lol...they skip trash and go directly to Boss and kill for the phat lewt. Spacebar commandos and don't you dare listen to the story...rush to the Boss...get your objective and done

Dps fights stuff that the tank isn't even fighting ROFL...healer is healing the dps'rs instead of the tank ROFL...tank is has no clue what aggro is ROFL.....i mean it is total chaos in mmo gaming now days. It is rare to find a coordinated group in traditional tank, heal and dps roles working like a swiss watch
You really don't know much about this game, or you have really bad luck in group finder pugs.
If you haven't seen the FP storyline, then run it on story mode and listen to your heart's content.
People run them for the BH comms,hence the zergfest, and most people have ran them hundreds of times, and don't want to see the dialogue over and over and over and over.

As for dps fighting stuff that the tank isn't fighting..... uh, in flashpoints, the dps take out the weaker mobs while the tank takes the strongest one(s)... if you don't know this, then you need to do some research.
Healers healing the dps? If they just heal the tank like you say... then your group will most likely fail unless they are way over geared.

This game is designed for the trinity, if you don't want it, then go play a different game.