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@ Op

The problem you are describing has nothing to do with tank/healer/dps

The problem you are describing is due to flash points being too easy and the reason they are too easy is because overgeared people need to run them to get their black hole coms.

Since you have this large influx of people who overgear the flashpoints, it is a tank and spank lolfest, people just want to get in and out as fast as possible, so they can get their coms and move on to other content. While this is good in that you have plenty of people queuing for flash points and can find groups faster, the influx of overgeared people who only stand to gain from the flashpoint being done, is what is causing the "spacebar commando syndrome", the little or no tolerance for others not understanding the mechanics/fights and just the general rushed feeling

The bottom line regarding tank/healer/dps, is that, no matter what system you put up, the trinity will emerge. Example, you have 4 dps doing a boss, in order to maximize damage output, you would have to have the dps take turns tanking. Whether its 4 people being tanks and dps and healers all at the same time and then taking turns like you suggest, or having people dedicated to the role, the trinity is there, there is no way around that.

One class/spec/setup will always be better for one of those roles than the other, perfect balance doesn't exist, and once one is better at healing, tanking or dpsing, you are back to the trinity

The ONLY problem the trinrty creates, is that more people want to be dps than the other roles, and that leads to an imbalance in the population and thus longer queues for dps. 4 man op groupds, set a pretty strick 25/50/25 distro, which doesn't actually match what players want to do. its likely to late for TOR to move to a 1/4 dps/1 healer type setup, but subscribers also get free respecs, so people willing to take the mantle get faster queues, which is +1 in my book

anyway, my 2 cents