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Personally, I would absolutely love if all of the classes got somehow involved in taking down the Emperor. Of course, not in-game, but in a novel or a series. It would be sort of a Luke-Han-Leia-Kenobi type of team-up mission. I honestly believe that a great story in a videogame should ultimately have a canon version of it in the form of media. If it isn't, then how is there any more room to continue the stories? Having a smuggler as my main I feel REALLY left out. I really want to be important, you know, I want to shoot the Emperor even if he deflects my blaster bolts. Non-Knight/Warrior classes will just be really pointless. I have played the Knight, Warrior, Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter and smuggler and I think they are awesome. So awesome that I would love to see them in their "set in stone," if you will, personalities. You know, if you want to read it do so, if not, don't. But I think farther (wayyyy farther) down the road we'll need a canon ending for the game.
Get the popcorn ready when canon versions of the classes are announced: The fan outrage and e-tears will be bigger than when they set canon versions of Revan and the Exile.