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Varrel's moments with Vette, so far, have been very sweet and a little sad. I just love him so much. (And I love Vette, I just wish lekku weren't so darn hard to draw)

I've done a swtor chibi request on tumblr a couple times but I've never exactly done open requests. My understanding of requests is that a person describes a character (possibly gives screenshots) then describes what they're doing/wearing etc and then I draw that. I am not good enough to draw that way.

Mostly I just draw whatever I want and hope the owner of the character I stole/abused/drew likes it, which is why it tends to be fanart of fanfic from the Short Fic Thread over in the fanfic sub-forum.

Thanks for asking

Edit to add: Suggestions are always welcome, I love all sources of inspiration as long as it's OK that I don't draw the suggestion if I'm not feeling up to it.
I see, and of course that's perfectly fine, so lets see if I can inspire you

My main character Ailias is known as the Ice Queen, void of emotion from a tortured childhood. Her storyline ties around a fellow gamer's character Lucus, a failed Jedi Knight seeking atonement and creates the organisation Dawn to help those forgotten by war. Their journey together sees the Ice Queen melt and fall in love. They still haven't had their first kiss yet but it would make a beautiful portrait. If I've tickled your fancy you can read more of their stories here Ailias and Lucus

If you can't access them let me know