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02.05.2013 , 05:08 PM | #103
As a new player in this game Id like to point out a few things.

First, yes it is possible to go up to level 30 or more and not know what greed vs need is for.I actually thought at first that need meant that you wanted the item but not that bad and greed meant you REALLY REALLY wanted the item... If you dont run that many flashpoints or heroics, for any reason and they can be many: the time it takes for DPS to find a group (some people just dont have the time to wait or just dont feel like it), the preference of a player to play by himself prefering the solo quests, a player may feel discouraged to play flashpoinrts or group with other players in the presence of so many rules by the so called '' long time players''.

A lot of people im sure make ''mistakes'' because they are new and dont know all the ',rules '' imposed by the more seasonned players. But all those rules are not from Bioware, they are those players that feel that this or that item should be theirs by right of class... In a sense yes that piece of equipement is meant to be used by that particular class but all toons have companions and those companions use equipement too, I dont see why you strictly have to loot for your toon??? The greed option has been specifically designed for that reason... Need for yourself and greed for your toon, but even if one would roll need for himself I dont see that much of a problem, the option is there and everyone is free to do as he likes to deny it is only to be seeking an addition of conflict in the idea that all should abide to your sophistic views... Just run the flashpoint again and then you might get the item, after level 50 thats all youll be doing anyway, run the same flashpoints over and over again.. Some people will complain that it will then take more time but what are you in the hurry for?

Personnaly I play to have fun, theres nothing I hate more than having to rush through a flashpoint and hearing people tell me to press the ''space bar'' because they have run this flashpoint so many times now, im sorry for me the story is the fun... Unfortunatly mostm of the time people run through the flashpoint like it was a torture, most of the time I get the feeling like it is a pain for everyone else to do this and I always ask myself why are these people playing? It almost seems like they are working instead...