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I did further testing, and it would appear that Trooper and Bounty Hunter Energy pools function exactly the same. Here's a repost from my other thread.

Only thing that needs to be done now is fixing the Ammo Costs (1,2 ,4 Ammo) to (.96,1.92, 3.96) or simply converting Troopers from 12 to 100 Ammo.
Are you sure this is the case? You have even done the Ion Pulse/Flame Burst test and come up with different results several times. The only reason I can think of that would result in such a difference would be because the ability costs are the same.
If you are correct, and the only difference between the two systems comes from the ability cost difference, is the difference in cost really large enough to make the tests we have done result with the Bounty Hunter getting such an advantage?

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How do you explain people alternating with flame burst/rapid shots and never running out of ammo compared to people using ion pulse/hammer shot and running out after just short of 30 flame bursts?
If what Dr_Kid says is correct, then the difference would be in the ability's cost. I find it hard to believe that a difference of 0.08 ammo per Ion Pulse will create such a disparity in the results attained.