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02.05.2013 , 12:10 AM | #151
I did further testing, and it would appear that Trooper and Bounty Hunter Energy pools function exactly the same. Here's a repost from my other thread.
I did some further testing on the Energy Regen levels. It appears this issue is entirely graphical. I compared using the two abilities Missile Blast and Explosive Round. (3/12 Ammo (25%) = 25 Heat)
On my Powertech
I tested using Missile Blast, Rapid Shots, Rapid Shots. I was able to use Missile Blast 16 times.
On my Vanguard
I tested using Explosive Round, Hammershot, Hammershot, I was also able to use Explosive Round 16 times.

Finally I inspected the Ammo percentage gauge. Bounty Hunter moderate regen begins at 60% heat remaining. Trooper's moderate regen begains at 66.66%.
Every time I got my ammo between 60% and 66.66%, the Ammo display would display "Moderate" regeneration, but would still increase by intervals of 5% every second instead of 3%.
I tested it with the very slow regen interval. 25% for troopers, 20% for Bounty hunters and got the exact same results. Between 20% and 25% I would still be regenerating 3% Ammo, despite "Very Slow" being displayed which is 2% Ammo/sec.

Ammo/Heat Regen appear to be working identically, The UI display should be fixed to display the correct intervals. Moderate starting at 60% Ammo instead of 66.66% and Very Slow starting at 20% Ammo instead of 25%. This will allow troopers to more accurately manage and assess their Ammo levels.
Only thing that needs to be done now is fixing the Ammo Costs (1,2 ,4 Ammo) to (.96,1.92, 3.96) or simply converting Troopers from 12 to 100 Ammo.