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Seriously right?

I mean I'm the guy that will /boggle /shoo /flee at an under-geared/under-leveled player that attacks me (in world PvP) even take time to explain to them why they shouldn't or should be doing what they are doing if they ask questions. (assuming they stop attacking me. If not then I show them why they shouldn't have been attacking me.)

I've helped Pubs on quests on the shared planets. Yet because I enjoy PvP I automatically hate PvE and grief people regularly and I guess kill kittens according to these people. I hear it especially from the RP community I don't get why I cant like both.
I don't get it either. I like PVE and PVP. The way the game is set up now is perfect. When I want to PVP , I hop on my bounty hunter and hit the warzones. When I don't feel like PVP I hop on my Sith and grind out FPS.

What it's starting to sound like is some of the posters in this forum got griefed in the past and now carry a grudge against PVPers.