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Ive checked outlaws den on the pve server and its empty all time...
ive observed people heading this direction ( some for HK parts ) and then immediately leaving zone once they get their autoflag-message...and then they say "nevermind.. i already have eough companions"

this should be a message to bioware... peopel are obviosly dont want to PvP withing their PvE time.. atleast a majority of them
The message is, you are all big chickens. Afraid you might die once or twice going to the VENDOR at a STATIC LOCATION inside the Outlaw's Den. It takes all of three minutes, and believe me, if you get killed, it won't ruin your character or your life. Life will go on.

People who worry about something as simple as making an outlaw den run...I wonder if these are the same people who are afriad to leave their houses at night?
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