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I'm sorry you're having a much harder time getting geared than anyone else seems to have. It sucks to suck right when hitting 50, we've all been there. I'm about to be there again with my 44 jug tank. we've all taken a bite of the same crap sandwich, but even loosing... it doesn't take long to get some gear to even the playing field.

I'm also sorry the pvp'ers on your server seem to be such elitists. But I doubt it's "all the Veteran players"
Seriously right?

I mean I'm the guy that will /boggle /shoo /flee at an under-geared/under-leveled player that attacks me (in world PvP) even take time to explain to them why they shouldn't or should be doing what they are doing if they ask questions. (assuming they stop attacking me. If not then I show them why they shouldn't have been attacking me.)

I've helped Pubs on quests on the shared planets. Yet because I enjoy PvP I automatically hate PvE and grief people regularly and I guess kill kittens according to these people. I hear it especially from the RP community I don't get why I cant like both.

And seriously no matter how under-geared you are, you can still score the hutball with teamwork and good playing. You step into a Warzone against me and I will have no mercy on you of course. We are there to compete. But next round when you are on my team or heck even if you aren't and you just ask, I wouldn't hesitate to give pointers and even roll with you in a warzone. Give me one recruit geared team player over a Warhero Soloist any day.