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I miss the days where Overgeared players didnt kill lowbies all time just for the lulz.

I myself need to avoid Warzones at weekends because at this day.. almost everyone who has good gear plays in republic team.. and me and my imp friends getting 2-4 hit...

Actually i play only warzones at times where not so many peopel are online because at this time there are more players online who have gear similiar to my own gear.

Im so tired of all the Veteran players who easily kill you and then laugh and discredit you.

I play this for fun, and getting overkilled has nothign to do with fun, neither with challenge...

sry im not a masochist...
I'm sorry you're having a much harder time getting geared than anyone else seems to have. It sucks to suck right when hitting 50, we've all been there. I'm about to be there again with my 44 jug tank. we've all taken a bite of the same crap sandwich, but even loosing... it doesn't take long to get some gear to even the playing field.

I'm also sorry the pvp'ers on your server seem to be such elitists. But I doubt it's "all the Veteran players"
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