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Silly are yall posting pics on the forum like that. Links i can do but i cant seem to be able to put a picture up. Wrapping the url with [img] [/img] isnt working. What code do i use instead.

Second silly question is what are you using to take those armor pics. I cant seem to get the same angles that im seeing here for a proper screenie.
Click the little icon when you go to reply to a post. Paste the URL in there for an image =)

As for the angles.. I have no idea, I just zoom my cameras out a bit and press Prnt Screen XD Sorry that's not very usefull.

Are you only looking for sets designed to go together, or do you want user-created outfits as well? LIke, I love the way my Operative looks, but it's gear is a combination of commendation pieces, craftables, and drops.
Yes!! I am looking for both.
Here's an example of a set that has a user-created outfit. Just submit the picture here and say which set you would like to attach it to.
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