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Oh God, the you have to bring back suppressed memories...
Fact is it's still a living nightmare for some, the last few times I've had a group fall apart it's always been either on the pylons in EV as exactly described in the youtube clip or just after fabricator in KP where people spawn off the speeder and run into the room with mobs like lemmings going off a cliff "AFTER" just wiping on that part "AFTER" being warned not to go into the next room.

It's mistakes like this that make mice look intelligent, I do believe there needs to be some sort of basic situational awareness test before people are allowed to step into any ops. Maybe like some mini training op that teaches people things like lava is bad or un-CC'ed healing mobs are bad or maybe even some puzzle solving without having the group to forfeit weekly comms or lockouts from an op when things go pear-shaped halfway through because someone is failing to learn or even failing to recognise the mechanics the op is throwing at them.

If there was something like this that sieved the more situational aware people from the ones who clearly weren't ready for the content tactically then there would be no problem in having the harder content in group finder.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!