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02.02.2013 , 02:36 AM | #466
*Walks in, noticing the slight layer of dust covering everything. Seems to have been a while since anyone has been in here.*

Um, hi after much deliberation and repeatedly talking myself out of it I have decided to actually post an offering. I have actually been playing along and writing from the prompts each week since June, but since it was simply for my own entertainment and consumption and coupled with the fact I'm a habitual lurker it never occurred to me to share, until recently.

Months later these shorts are really starting to pile up, so I picked one that was relatively short, (I have a problem creating anything short) tried to clean it up so it would be suitable for viewing, a thousand apologies for any grammatical or spelling errors.

This is firmly planted in my AU, it features everyone's favorite Cathar and it follows the NotLP: I Love This Bar. I don't think anything in here could be considered a spoiler.

So now before I chicken out again, I'm hitting submit.

*Walks quickly out of the room, frowning as more dust is disturbed on the trek out.*