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Keybinding is quicker and safer. Just like someone said, when you are clicking you will have to: move your mouse, then your cursor would get to the ability, then you have to click it. Before that, you need to move your eyes to the ability = losing a valuable part of the screen. That might look fast, but not as fast as pressing the buttons :P.

I think keybinding is crucial for healers. You already need to click on raid frames to heal people. You need to react fast. Some bosses can bring your tank to 20% of hp easily. It is much faster to press the button (since you will know by heart that, lets say, D - innervate) than to move your cursor and click the ability.

After this I would say tanks: at least bind taunts and defensive abilities. As a healer, it is easy for me to say which one of my tanks is clicking. The one that is not, will react much faster if his HP somehow goes fast to 10%. He/she will pop Shroud, Ward instantly.

Then we have dpsers. I love to say that every mistake DPSer does, healer is there to fix. This can sound a little mean. Your eyes are on your abilities and you can easily miss the red circle and get the hit, where the person pressing buttons would have his/her eyes all the time on 80% of the screen and be able to see potential danger.

If you are having problems with binding, start with 2-3 abilities. After you get used on those, bind some more. After couple of weeks you will ask yourself how could you ever click : >.

Try to run around a little spamming those buttons. Try to do some simple quests while using those abilities.