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Darth Nox is proably at the bottem of the totem pole right now. he basicly had to "cheat" to defeat his rival after all. and IIRC that cheat has since left him.
His power base is also, directly speaking, a bit behind the others. reading between the lines Nox's power base is basicly just the Imperial Reclaimation corps.
The issue is the game does a complete crap job at explaining how powerful members of the dark council are. For instance, Thanaton is considered very weak as it takes 2 chapters to get the power to kill him yet a FREAKING SMUGGLER can solo beat several of these guys. While it may seem like that simply suggests that my sorcerer is weak Thanaton was shown to be able to essentially insta-kill me (a force user) whereas more powerful dark council members could barely touch my scoundrel (who cannot use the force assuming legacy is non-canon)