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My Hot List:

Lt. Pierce - Between the voice, the attitude, the LOYALTY he has shown my Nasirah...she fell quite hard and abandoned a romantic relationship with Quinn. I am STILL infurated that he is not a full romance. Thank goodness for using my imagination and writing a fanfic. :-D
Andronikos - Again, the voice, attitude and loyalty says it all.
Vector Hyllis
Torian Cadera
Lord Scourge - Again, I'm still infurated he is not a romance option right now. Maybe someday?
Sanju Pyne

My Wouldn't touch him if my life depended on it:
QUINN : While his voice is rather delish I HAAAAATE this character with the fire of a thousand Tatooine suns. Just...egh!
Doc : Looks way too much like my ex.