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Now next question is how 2 use right mouse button to rotate and move character forward at the same time. Ive tried binding forward(w) onto mouse right click. Dosent seem to work. Is this the correct idea on mouse movement or im yet confused again. In other words do i keep W(or any bind) as forward and just turn with mouse right click?
Thx again
No special bindings are required to mouse turn. All the required bindings to do so are already configured as part of the default settings. The idea is you click and hold RMB to lock your characters facing direction to your mouse. Pressing forward works as per normal, but you can control the direction you are facing now with the mouse while RMB is held down.

Another effect of holding RMB down is the turn left and turn right keys turn into strafe keys. All movement is still handled by your WASD keys (or as I'd suggest, moving WASD right one key to be ESDF as it gives more room to bind convenient abilities to the left of your movement keys).

The only set up you need to make once you get used to using RMB to control your facing direction is to actually bind your extra abilities to vacant keys. There's a bit of science and a bit of art to this. Consider how time sensitive an ability is and how often you will need to activate it. Things like interrupt abilities get pride of place on my keyboard. They need to be activated very quickly, and they get used often. I personally use G, right next to my index finger. Abilities that are off the GCD and become available as procs are also usually good candidates to get prime location binds, for example on my Juggernaut, retaliation gets bound to my R (this is usually reply, I move that to N).

As well as how an ability is bound, where it's bound is important too. Group like abilities with like, keep important abilities such as procs, DPS/defensive cooldowns and other frequently used abilities that have cooldowns that need monitoring close to your sight line. I have 4 or 5 of the most important cooldowns on a separate short bar right above my own health bar to keep an eye on them better.