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My only concerns for Episode VII is this: while he did a bang up job with the Star Trek reboot, he is also responsible for shows like Lost and Revolution.

Lost I watched religiously and for the life of me I still don't know why. The end of every episode made me **** my head to one side like a confused dog while uttering "Huh? *** was that?" Much like watching an episode of The Worm Hole, I watched the show for answers and didn't get any.

I even tried to watch a few episodes of Revolution until I figured out that the show/writing/acting/premise was just plain horrible. In an interview, Abrams claims that the science about the show makes sense. Sorry, no, it doesn't. And don't bother watching any of the episodes, it's time you will never get back.

So Mr. Abrams, word to the wise: filler does not work, substance does. Suspension of disbelief can only go so far, even if your target audience is composed of sci-fi or fantasy geeks. Anyone who has read The Hobbit (or NOT read it for that matter) and then subsequently seen the movie can attest. After seeing The Hobbit in the theater I have absolutely NO DESIRE to see any of the subsequent movies about it, despite the fact that it is my favorite book behind Dune.

Granted, a 10 year old could have given us something better that episodes I-III so just about anyone would be better than Lucas to direct the new movies. I just hope that episodes VII-IX do not follow a similar pattern.
I agree, however remember that while Abrams is the Director and the Co-producer, he is not the writer. So really you don't have to worry much about the 'science' (which lets face it, is pretty well established - all he has to do is read Wookieepedia ) or filler story and lack of substance. That's in the hands of Micheal Arndt.