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T-Assassin: Rob mentioned lack of combat logs.
Does the team not take information, like TORPARSE for example, as solid evidence for classes underperforming? (in actual playing environments)
I have done extensive testing and provided substantial evidence on how specific classes, Mercenary specifically, is underperforming in both PvE and PvP realms. (link)

We certainly look at ToRParse for data, but like all other data sets it is limited in what it shows and what context influences it. For example, if I were to sort the top DPS value on Kephiss in EC 8-man mode, I would immediately see that a Mercenary is listed at the top of the charts. However, if you dig into the charts, you can see that part of that number is based on a bunch of trash kills that have influenced the final result. When we detach the source (the player) from the log, it makes it much more difficult to look at context. All of that being said, we really want to do better about collecting raw logs directly from the player, with the hope that will really help us properly react to the feedback we receive.

i appreciate the answer, but it's not that difficult to dig through the charts, if you have the right tools. i'm not trying to be insulting, but the dispairity in DPS is so obvious, all it requires is a bit of testing and common sense to come up with the answers.

it's easy to see that any fight that requires movement HEAVILY favors instant cast classes. (i speak from Merc/pyro and VG/assault experience).

any interrupt in casting causes a significant decrease in DPS, while melee classes, or uniterruptable classes lose minimal DPS, if any.

this is not only an issue in PvE as it is in PvP.

why is casting while moving NOT an option? seriously, that is an almost instant fix. other games have it, and it is not gamebreaking or overpowered. some damage might need tweaking, but i seriously doubt that, with the numbers marauders, snipers, and PT/VG's are able to produce.

simple analytics and game experience explains everything you should need to know on torparse. why Mercs excel at some fights, yet have 0 top 50 parses on others.

do you not have people doing this? or do they lack the in-game experience, game mechanic knowledge, and common sense to understand these things?

again, my intent is not to be insulting. in fact, i should feel insulted it took this long to warrant a response, and not a very thorough one at that.

i've canceled my account, and will give this game one more shot, since i've preordered RotHC.

you know there are issues. if they are not corrected, or at least openly discussed, with thoughts and ideas of how to correct them, i cannot see myself moving forward with SWTOR.

P.S. and the ability for 1 class to auto crit...who came up with that? so much oversight on that one...i never played D&D or Magic and understand the fatal flaw(OP) behind that ability.
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