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01.31.2013 , 07:34 PM | #99
@the Weakening Blast statement: I've never seen my DoT's tick larger with two weakening blasts on the same target. Ever. The same issue happens with a Madness spec sorc/assassin using Deathfield. The DoT's never changed and it's definitely something you should look into fixing.

Also about Weakening Blast // Deathmarks;
Both of these counters are used up by other Inquisitors and Agent's in the raid and hurts the DPS of the person spec'd for it. If there are 3 inquisitors in the raid, 1 of them is Madness and the other 2 are lightning, when all 3 have their dots on the target the Madness spec'd inquisitor gets boned. There's no stacking of Deathmarks... There's just deathmark's being taken by other sorcerers/assassins and the person Spec'd into Full madness... something that is half centered around DoT's damage in the first place... Is at a loss. The same can be said about Lethality snipers and poison dart from other operatives/snipers stealing their weakening blasts.

Also: Why does the tooltip specifically point out the CASTER's dots as the one to gain the bonus if someone who doesn't cast weakening blast // deathfield gains it as well?

The entire thing needs to be reworked or have the stacks removed so it's a constant debuff on the Boss.