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I have tanked in alot of MMOs and been tanking on my Jugg alot in swtor pre 50. In my flashpoints Im getting alot of healers that throw a couple heals and "try" to dps. Half the time Im struggling just to live poping all my cool downs and meds while I see the stupid healer attacking mobs and I have to spend all my time trying to get the aggro off them. Its making tanking 3xs harder than it should be and a chore.

I just wanted to ask if healers are expected to dps in flashpoints? Im getting alot more healers attacking all the mobs than I do in other MMOs.

Wanted to check before I start opening my mouth. Its driving me insane.
Yes and no, I have both level 50 healer and a healer and I will dps if needed. My primary focus is to make sure everyone is in good health. However, if you find yourself hitting enraged timers due to low dps..the a healer needs to dps..

If you have good dps, that is a different story. However, I will go with my guild that is all in 61's and or 63's. and mobs drop like flies..I might throw out a bit of dps here and there just because I can.

So to keep it simple, it all makeup, gear make up..etc.. Also if you healer is good and knows how to manage resources. New level 50 healers, I would avoid any dps until you are better geared and have a better understanding of end game healing.
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