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That was one of things I always hated about healing in EQ2, the expectation there was X healing AND Y DPS. It was obnoxiou and if you wiped on content it was almost always blamed on the healer because they spent too much time healing and not DPSing, or too much time DPSing and not healing. You just couldn't win.

I always tell my healers to throw DPS as long as the following criteria are met...
a) everyone's health is at a managable state AND
b) you will not overtax your resources AND
c) you have nothing else to do

A sage doting up the boss or a scoundrel dropping a flyby on the boss does me no good if a minute later they are out of resources and we are wiping because they spent their resources trying to help out with DPS and now can't heal anyone. And if we are hitting enrage and wiping then it's the DPS that has to get their game up, not the healers needing to DPS.
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