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New article on on J.J Abrams and some things he's said about Star Wars long before he was asked to direct the films. Really interesting. This guy is clearly a massive fan and knows a lot about Star Wars. I'm now totally convinced this is the guy for the job.

One thing I found especially interesting is this:

"If its a radio show or a video game or an online experience whatever it is I would love to discover in this vast universe some new characters that make me feel the way that Luke, Leia, and Han Solo did.

He basically says that he'd love to play an MMO like SWTOR. So, do you think Abrams is a subscriber? Maybe he's reading this thread right now! Hey Abrams! Are you out there! I apologise on behalf of the meanies who have been saying bad things about you. Lol, it would be funny if he responded.

Unless one of you is Abrams...
That was a good read it's almost kind of errie how similar his first Star Wars experience and the lifelong impact it has had on his life is to mine, but I bet a lot of people who sat in those theaters in May of '77 would say the same.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit that JJ atleast at some point has played ToR or even SWG.
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