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01.31.2013 , 10:30 AM | #64
All good stuff in here very helpful. After reading them all at length, what sticks out the most for me is the gaming mouse. Ive checked on the Naga's and Logitech's. Seems like this may b somthing I could learn but more importantly b comfortable/ effective with.
Being a newb I wasnt aware of the deep seated feelings on both side's of this coin. I respect all who chimed in and thankz for keepin it civil.
Now next question is how 2 use right mouse button to rotate and move character forward at the same time. Ive tried binding forward(w) onto mouse right click. Dosent seem to work. Is this the correct idea on mouse movement or im yet confused again. In other words do i keep W(or any bind) as forward and just turn with mouse right click?
Thx again

ps- I think maybe alot of my issue is not havin any typing skill (hunt and peck). Im a Telco Lineman/ Splicer so if I could type with a Klein Wrench or a 3 Pound Hammer things would b much simplified LOL.