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You didn't forget. I reported it and it was deleted just like your last two posts. You are rude and you use the same fallacy. It doesn't make sense from a mechanical stand point and it doesn't make sense that you would see a stealthed character better than someone in plain sight. the Agro range should be exactly the same, the fact that it is bigger is ridiculous.
Ok. since you are so happy, CONGRATULATIONS ! GG MAN, YOU ARE SO GREAT
If, to you, it doesn't make sense, it just shows that you DON'T UNDERSTAND. Nothing more, nothing else and yes, to me it makes sense that some rare individuals, have a better "perception" of stealth.

Again, a character in plain sight ---> agro. If not, you are "too far" and the mob doesn't SEE you. Yes, even if you are at 5m, with a gun, dancing and chatting with your team, he doesn't see you. The agro in this situation is related to VISION. But once you are stealthed, the agro range isn't related to vision anymore, and why on Earth should it be the same ? Do you SEE and EAR at the same distance ? Do you smell things at the same distance ?

This will be my last post in this thread, I'm feeling like it I was trying to explain something to a 4 year old child shouting "NO YOU ARE WRONG".