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on such a little scale like Nihilus he most probably can do it with his eyelash

yes, I agree that this was Voice, but lore says that he is emotionless

he would beat them anyway, Lord Emperor's strength is beyond his fight description with Revan
'Lord Emperor's' strength I'm afraid exists only in your mind. The real Sith Emperor is nowhere near as powerful. You have no evidence to suggest that the Emperor posesses that kind of power apart from your personal head-canon, and I'm afraid that does not overide the likes of SWTOR and Revan.

And Darkondo you make good points although Hood did make it out to be that the Emperor is dead now and not in the future. However he also did imply the Emperor had some sort of back up plan. Which could be why he was not afraid. Oh and technically its not canon that the Emperor is alive until we see him, it hasn't been confirmed whether the Voices were telling the truth or not. But only time will tell...