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01.30.2013 , 10:42 PM | #37
i feel the sorcs biggest counter is the PT

ive found no way to counter them, if im correct they have 2 stuns and 2 abilities which can crit for 5k (td & rail), one of them cause be used twice in 2 gcd's, they have 2 more abilities which crit for almost 3.5k on us (rocket punch & flame burst)

the dmg is instant, un-interruptable, un-cleansible, and from medium to long range. There snare is passively applied, they generally have more hp, more dmg recution from armor and have a dmg reduction cooldown as well as small Heal over time on cooldown

now i dont play madness so idk if its different, but i can beat GOOD assassins, marauders, juggs, snipers(with los) etc but i cant scratch a PT that has gotten the jump on me

it just re assures me that our class could a long defensive cooldown for stick situations, every other class gets a few and on moderately short cd

i feel to do well as a sorc requires much more thought and skill than the other dps pvp classes right now