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Imperial: Next! And you are?
Prisoner: Kateo.
Imperial: Let's see...ah, here you are. "Killer" Kateo. Butchered an entire Republic squad with...a shiv?
Prisoner: That's me.
Imperial: Someone get this man a blaster! Welcome to the Imperial Army, Kateo. And if you should need something say, dull or rusty, just let us know.
Hands down one of my favorite. I make a point to stand and listen to it when I bring my alts to Belsavis.

Also the IA quest has an "arrow to the knee" reference at the end of the prologue in headquarters. You end up speaking to one of the "Fixers" that hangs around Keeper. He says something like. "I used to be a field agent like you, until I took a light-saber to the chest..." Still pretty funny.

Also, there's a conversation in the Imperial Base on Hoth between two officers, where one is contemplating flirting with one of the Chiss females because they are "Exotic." His buddy tells him to expect a knife in the back, lol. He's probably not wrong.

Side note: Chiss speaking Huttese is just...wrong.

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