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You can easily compare The likes of Juggernauts to Sorcerers because they have 2 seperate uses in PvP, both have DPS trees. If you then go on to compare said Juggernaut and Sorcerer you can clearly see that they are completely different. Juggernauts get an automatic crit smash that deals like 5ks in poor gear and is an AoE which can be used very often. They also get several defensive abilitys. Sorcerers get a lame Death Field that only effects 3 targets and I hit like 4ks in full WH. I also only get 1 defensive cooldown and light armour.

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Well it makes sense to me seeing as you can produce a 5k heal with a 2.5 sec cast. A sniper cant.
in those 2.5 seconds you can easily use an instant interrupt and a 6k ambush.