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BLook at WoW, their group finder for ALL RAIDS is more than popular. Why would it be different in SWTOR?
WoW ALSO has a gear check, you want raids on the GF, get Bioware to do a gear check instead of spending their time with a noob/dumb version. A gear check would be more than enough to put the normal EC SM/TFB SM on the group finder, then maybe KP/EV HM or even NiM too.

I would rather a GEAR CHECKER then a NOOB Version of the operations. That way, ALL the operations can get on the GF and you can enjoy them all (Even when the new stuff come out), or is that still not enough for you?

Because I dont't understand get all the gear you can, then just running something over and over and over without a thought of being able to do anything higher or harder.

So why not a gaer check? Why a noob version? Because once you start that, your going to have to do it for everything because people will whine about not being able to do HM/NiM because it isn't on the GF for them. (You say they wont, but they will, whiners are like that.)