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If you can really clear nightmare mode content without keybinding every single key then I'm looking forward to hitting 50.
Nothing in this game is that difficult.

I have outed myself with two groups I play with to being a clicker in this thread. Before reading it here they had no clue I healed clicking. One of the other healers swears I am just trolling in this thread because they don't want to admit that a hybrid keybind clicker outperforms them in HPS and AMP. I will say they are better healers than me, I would have never been able to get to the level in content without their advice and suggestions, but now I more than pull my weight in any operations even if I don't do it the "our way only" way.

I am going to start playing more a pure keybind player. Still going to hybrid it in progression, because I am better at that now, but I will do other ops, dailies and HMFP as a pure keybind until I get extremely comfortable with it again. Then I will do 5 weeks of pure keybind progression and compare it to the previous 5 weeks of hybrid and play the one that give me the greatest HPS and AMP. I am not worried about movement or speed because I already use keybinds for all that stuff, so pure keybinds will do nothing for that in my case.