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I mean Leer's situation. Life? Predicament. It's just all rather.. odd, I guess. Odd and sad. The things she's been through, and then to have this blast from the past show up. That's gotta be rough. Don't change a thing!
I won't then.


An hour later...

'I thought we could do this civilly but it seems we can't.'

I whisper the words in Balkar's ear as I hold a blade to his throat, my turret pointed at his head and my free hand swiftly grabbing and restraining his hands. He drops the glasses he had been holding, spilling wine and shattering glass over my bare feet. I don't feel anything.

'You're making a mistake,' Balkar says with too much of a threat for someone with a knife to their throat and no help to call for.

'I don't think so. I already took out all the buddies you had around here.' I force him to his knees and bind his hands. I walk around to face him and crouch down in front of him, not letting my turret lose its lock on him for a moment. I assess he crouching form: lean body, would be rather agile and fast, possibly quick reflexes and definitely a quick mind.

I take off my back pack and pull out the bottles.

'See, I really did intend for this to go nicer, but there's no helping it now. I'm assuming those men were going to be contacted on intervals and when they don't answer in fifteen minutes, there will be more on the way. Believe it or not, I don't want to kill them.' There's only two people I want to kill left. I only need to find them first.

'Don't hold it against me if I have trouble taking your word for it,' Balkar cynically remarks as he glares at me from under his now tussled dark brown hair. He could be attractive to certain types. I wonder if she found him attractive.

'I won't. Now, I also know that there are probably listening devices wirelessly hooked up around this apartment so I brought this,' I pull out the device from my bag and put it on the ground in front of us, 'which I turned on before entering the building. They won't be able to hear or see anything.'

I continue without him speaking. I know he's hoping I'll enjoy the sound of my voice so much that I will still be talking when more men show up. If they do - if it takes that long - I will kill them and continue. But finding anything from him is a long shot. I only need to kill him or hurt him enough to make her come after me.

'You really should have stayed off planet and shut down shop. You might have lived a little while longer.'

'But then I'd miss this charming conversation with a beautiful Republic hating and charmingly insane woman.'

'Smooth, Jonas, but I know men who could teach you a few lessons in biting mockery. Now to business.' I slap his face with the back of my hand, his jaw making a small crunching noise. 'Where is the leader of Havoc Squad?'

'I wouldn't know. I've haven't met him.' I smirk at the incorrect gender. He does know. Such a subtle and small trick won't work on me.

'See, I know you have. Many times. I have her brother's records who I'm sure you know I visited a month ago. So why don't we skip the f***ing crap so we can both move on with our nights?'

'You wouldn't get information from me even if I had any.'

I punch him hard across the jaw, breaking the skin his clean-shaven cheek. 'Tell me where she is.'

He only spits blood at my feet and remains silent. I extend my blade again and press it into his shirt, cutting a small slit that fills with blood as my knife digs into his collar bone.

'Tell me where she is.' I trail the knife very, very slowly down his body. He winces in pain but refuses to make a noise. I stop when my knife reaches the indent of belly button and press the knife in, twisting it one way and then the other.

'Tell me where she is.'

I grab his hair and put the knife to his throat. Forcing his head up to look at me. 'Never.'

I stare into his eyes and what I see makes me sneer at him and throw him away to the ground where he only lies on his side and watches me with uncontained loathing. This is far from the best interrogation I've ever done but I don't have much time or patience and I have no reason for giving him the chance to guess anything about me.

'I hope she's worth it, Balkar. Dying for that is.' He only continues to glare at me with blue daggers. Balkar's eyes aren't as blue or deep as his. They don't make me tremble or flinch.

'Because if you don't tell me what I want to know, you will be dying.'

'She is invaluable to the Republic,' he bravely and foolishly responds. I never picked a smooth talking agent for a patriot.

'And to you, it seems.' I grab his cheeks in my right hand, my palm cupping his chin. I dig in my nails until they fill with blood that drips down his face. I force him to hold my eyes. 'Tell me: after you're dead, after you leave her with the knowledge you died to protect her, how do you think she will feel? Happy? Pleased? Grateful?'

I move my left knife to his heart and begin to slowly press. 'Or will she feel like this knife is cutting into her heart?' I retract my blade and punch his stomach hard in anger at something he has nothing to do with. Some ribs crack and he begrudgingly gasps. 'Dying for people only hurts them. If you want what's best for her and yourself, you will tell me where she is and walk away from here alive.'

'If I tell you, you will kill us both anyway.'

'Maybe, maybe not. You don't know that. And you know something, there are few things can hurt more than the physical. One would be what you would be doing to her.'

'Are you speaking from experience, bounty hunter?' I know what having someone remove your heart feels like. I know what it feels like to have someone that's a part of you leave. I'd take the first every time.

I let go of his cheeks, some skin tearing away in my nails. I pick the skin out of my nails with indifference. 'Ah, Balkar, stop trying to stall for time. Even if the men come, I'll kill them all and we will be back to sitting here.' When I'm done cleaning them, I admire the bloody results.

'Our sources tell us you have a husband. Where is he?'

'You know where, Balkar. This game won't work on me. I can tell you're trying to cut your bounds with a small knife you kept in your sleeve. But you see this,' I point to the turret that sits proud like a pet bird on my shoulder, 'will shoot you dead as soon as you break free. Then we will both lose.'

I move closer to him and grab his neck, holding him upright on his knees and forcing him to stare into my eyes as my other hand takes the knife, ignoring the mild twinge as it cuts my palm. I throw it over my shoulder where it clatters to the floor loudly.

'See, Balkar, I have a feeling that after I shot her brother, captured her other brother and kill you, she will come after me willingly. You can't win this. So be a smart agent and do what's best for yourself.'


'Wow, people really are dumb when they're in love. I would have thought SIS agent's would be trained to not fall in love.'

'They are. I don't love her.'

'You fail as an agent, Balkar. Now tell me where she is.'


'Does she love you too?' Nothing definable changes in his eyes or features. But I feel the answer and I laugh at him. 'Poor little agent. She doesn't even know how you feel, does she?' He tries to spit on my face but fails. He does an admirable job of trying to retaining an air and set jaw of arrogant dignity when having bloody spit slipping down your chin.

'Does she love someone else?' Nothing changes again. He can be a good agent when he needs to. I laugh again. I know what no change means more than any change. 'I pity you. Not enough to not kill you but enough to make it hurt a lot less. Of course, you could always just tell me where she is now.'


'You seem to say that a lot. I was taught that 'never' didn't exist. I can give you a seven minute lesson in it if you want.'

He doesn't reply and no speeders or shouts interrupt the silence this deep into the sector. I begin my work with a fierce leer. After five minutes I pause and look at my work. I open a bottle of wine and drink a few mouthfuls, the wine escaping from the edges of my lips, staining them a dark red and leaving trails of seeping red down my chin.

'Now tell me where she is.'

'Never.' He spits blood on my pants and I frown down at it.

'That was unnecessary. They were my best pants.' I stand up and dust off my pants, careful to avoid the blood. I hear his reinforcements approaching from four blocks away. I bend down and grab his neck and pull him to his feet, forcing him to stand on tip toes. 'We're out of time.'

I extend the blade on my left hand and press it to his chest. 'Any last words?'

Before he can begin to fail at answering , my holo beeps. I fling him to the ground carelessly and answer. . I feel like I am tugged out of a sweet dream before I was ready to wake up.

Damin appears as a small, flickering holo image.

'Meet me at the coordinates I'm sending you now.'

'I'm busy,' I say with vague irritation as I glower at Damin instead of Balkar. I don't tolerate people skipping pleasantries without permission. I wipe the blood and wine off my face as I reply but only smudge it further as the blood on my hands blends the blood on my face.

'I can see that,' he replies in a voice void of disdain or amusement. 'I won't wait.' 'Now or never', huh, Torian?

Damin hangs up. I look down at Jonas whose moved to sit against a wall. I listen and hear his men surrounding the building. It would be simple to shoot him now and leave. But the dream was interrupted. It's not the same.

I walk over to him and bend down in front of him.

'Good bye, Jonas. Tell her I said hello and I'm expecting her visit.'

I knock him out. Love or not, his scarred body will be enough for her to come. I slip out of the building.

Now where's a refresher...?