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From what I've seen, they reset like this:
  • Tuesday - Far Cradle Strike (Imp) / Regnant Station (Rep)
  • Wednesday - Kabal Station Defense (Imp) / Ardis Outpost Fortification (Rep)
  • Thursday - Kanz Minefield (Imp) / New Covar Ice Field (Rep)
  • Friday - Duma Strike (Imp) / Baros Ambush (Rep)
  • Saturday - Lorta Escort (Imp) / Hypori Escort (Rep)
  • Sunday - Cha Raaba Assault (Imp) / Thanium Disruption (Rep)
  • Sunday - Operation Foe Smasher (Imp) / Operation Clean Sweep (Rep)
Yeah, that looks accurate to me. I always do the "Duma Strike" and "Cha Raaba Assault" missions on Sundays and complete both [Cha Raaba Assault] and [Operation Foe Smasher] at the same time, in addition to a daily mission Tuesday through Saturday for the last week.
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