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Yes they really suck in PVP. What are you doing in anything that seems like 1.5s that is going to take away 18k of my HP? I must have missed that ability. Also pretty much any DPS will blow a hole in your team if they're left alone. Snipers still do it better since it's not enough to notice a sniper is there. You also have to actually get to him.
if sniper is so great, why not doing one? cause rotation is to hard for pve? my friend has and loves his merc, but he doesn't play him on pvp. why you ask? cause there are better classes to do that

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-Assassins would like to have a word with you on who caps nodes better
-Infiltration Hybrids can stun a healer for 4s every 15
-Who in Star Wars was even known for stealth?
-they have to spec into it, operative has mass mezz
-and fill resolve after 30, plus, your complaint was about tankasins, or we arguing over 31/31/31 again
-if one would be known for stealth, they would be crappy stealthers..

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Horrible DPS after 10s? LOL If anything, depending on exactly which flavor of Tank shadow hybrid we're talking about, their DPS is back loaded. Squishy is also a relative term.
tanksin/shadow hybrid only has energy for 12 sec, then it's backfilling with freeattack. unless we talking about 22/17/2, but if full tank hybrid is killing you...

I had merc, deleted at about 45 I think. why? cause I think turret classes suck and are easy to kill. they are good dps, superb dps considering lack of cover mechanics of sniper and lack of having to be in 4 meters for mara/PT... (it means less things to worry about so you can focus on dps). but, it has it draw backs, no class is all flowers and roses.
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