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yes i know that but the emporer as same abiltiy but stronger that why he master death
Uhh, come again?

Nihilus has that feat as part of being a Wound. Vitiate has created a technique/ritual that does almost the same thing, without having it turning yourself into a Force dark hole. Logically, and correct me if I'm wrong, this would mean that such an attack would do nothing on Nihilus.

How can you drink from a cup thats already empty? Nihilus has no Force of his own, and merely uses that of his followers/ slaves to channel the Force through them, to himself.
Believe in the Force, and whenever it seems like there is no path, the Force will show you the way. Give yourself to it.. Do not use the Force, do not fight with it. Befriend it, accept it. And eventually, the Force will be your ally.