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I have always utterly and despised people who needed on items they can not possibly use and win them. only to sell them rather than a person who could use it get it.

First Esseles run:Sentinal ninjas my chest piece

Second run:Sage ninjas my boots

No other troopers were in the group except me.

Are these people brain dead or something? Or using it for their companions? Hell If I know but This is really annoying me. I've sent a ticket and I doubt i'll get anything but the "OH THANKS FOR REPORTING THIS PERSON BUT SCREW YOU" macro'd response.

Ugh. Just hate
Your experience of ninja'ing is so insignificant to what I experienced earlier playing on my commando alt, while clearing the trash mobs just after Firebrand & storm in EC SM PuG run (I am in a guild but my commando isn't guilded yet) one of the tanks decided to use their aggro dump to stealth while the rest of us were in combat busy clearing the first mobs, went straight for the chest, ninja'd the stabs for themselves then DC'ed.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!