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01.29.2013 , 08:29 PM | #24
If they are going to nerf the ability to RE mods, they had better stop making the highest tier of gear with ****house mods in it. Having to buy 5 pairs of BH gloves so I could get the proper mods when 61's were the highest tier, having no set pieces with proper enhancements in them (MH/OH are the only ones that were properly itemised) for the 63's, having no access at all to armourings for the belt and bracers slot unless you were incredibly, incredibly lucky and a random piece dropped from The Writhing Horror as NiEC wasn't done yet.

A guildy did some calculations. TFB has been out for 18 weeks, which would be enough to fully gear up 23 characters assuming it was run twice a week. If you are like us and pushed the content, then started RE'ing so you could gear up some of the lesser skilled and geared characters and alts, you should be allowed to. After 5 months of HM EC, and now nearly 5 months of HM TFB, I see no problems in people gearing up by purchasing their gear with credits. After this long I see it as preparing for the next op.

As to your other point, people who don't run op's probably do need more content. I'm not sure if three tiers for flash points is the answer though. That already gets a bit annoying for the op's. As other have said, doing the same thing for 5 months and then going back in again to see the exact same thing again just harder, it's getting old.