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One of my favourites, apart from the Bounty Hunter-to-Mark chat is another one on Nar Shaddaa where an Astromech is trying to convince a Protocol Droid to join the rebellion. It goes something vaguely like this:

Astromech: [Come with me! Kill you master and join the rebellion!]
Master: What did he say?
Protocol: Oh nothing Master, just saying how nice this day is.

It also links in well with a Flashpoint you do much later. As for the one on Corellia, I heard it 6 months into the game and actually did think that it's incredibly deep in contrast to what I've heard before. Hell, the quest where you choose to activate the special weapon against the passengers on the tram can lead to a very emotional cutscene.
Actually, it's closer to:
Astromech: [Noisy Organic = threat. //recommend accident.]
Master: What did he say?
Protocol: Nothing subversive, Master. Why don't we take a walk?