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I feel the same way concerning BIS Armorings, Implants, Earpieces, Hilts and Barrels. I feel that Mods and Enhancements should be allowed to a limited extent, but the armorings, hilts, barrels need to stop. You need a reason to run the Operations, at its current state there is no reason to run TFB hardmode gearwise, everything can be purchased from the GTN.

A flagging system could work, allow people to wear the items if they have unlocked certain bosses in either story or hard mode. I like the idea of a NM Flashpoint with a lockout, include a drop that unlocks 1 piece of gear each time it is completed. The crafting is getting out of hand, I know of players that have a full set of level 63 PVE gear that have never set foot inside an operation, and that is their main character!

I'm not saying that crafter's shouldn't be able to make anything current, but not every BIS item should be able to purchased from the GTN because it was crafted, there needs to be a limit. There are 2 ways to do that, either a flagging system to use the item, or limit the recipes available to crafters from RE.

there is another way around this a friend said they should look at improve Rein leave it how it is but improve it

IF you raid give you things far better then gear its Poss u can only get in OPS to me that's a much better way why not let every one have the gear etc but give us OPS only drops not NERF RE still let those that want to gear up gear even is they don't raid , so what if they have the gear, in the end most guilds wont take you any way , gear or not unless you run with them for a few weeks then they vote any good raiding guild does it that way .. most really good raiding guilds want skilled players and gear doe not replace skill ..

SO I still don't understand why so much BS over gear .. and yes I have RUN NIM EC to kephess etc Idc if others have gear its part of the game .. but do make ops only drops not let it be gear ,,, but let gear drop so other can re it etc its really nice the way things are now .. but that's all ending soon