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There are specific combinations of class/specs that are somewhat less feasible for PvP,
but in reality overall balance of classes is actually much more balanced than most would like to admit.
In addition, the developers did a great job to make each AC more or less in-line with the Star Wars lore.

Play a few more ACs, and you'll see the grass is greener in some aspects for every class.

I'll give you an example.
Take Commando for instance. Everyone cries they suck in PVP. Really?
I can make 18K of your HP go away in what would seem like 1.5s for you.
You leave me alone, I'm going to blow a hole in you and your team.
But you put a glowstick me? I'm pretty much dead unless another glowstick comes to save my ***.
Sounds very Star Wars to me. You don't like this play style? Go heals or roll another char.

Scrapper scoundrels?
I can cap objectives better than anyone with my tranquilizer dart and flash grenade.
I can devastate an entire team with Fly-by while they try to secure objectives.
I can stun a healer every 30s for 4s.
No I can't beat any glowstick in 1v1 from full health.
But if they are down to 14K HP, they will never survive. I just have to be patient in stealth.
Sounds very Star Wars to me. You don't like this play style? Go heals or roll another char.

Tank Shadow Hybrid with DPS gear?
1v1 champion thanks to high burst for 10s (2000dps) and single target CCs.
Cap-staller / capper
Great "last-mile" ball carrier
Quick finisher using obstacles (fire pits, bridges)
Downside? Very squishy. Dies immediately once CCed or focus fired. (any Tank Shadow Hybrid you find hard to kill are wearing tank gear, in which case, they should not be able to kill you)
Horrible DPS after 10s.
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