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I love being called uncle
pros of commando/merc is easy to handle high damage for PVE.
self heals are lol, yes, but they are there.
I'm not saying mercs/commandos are good for pvp. but. if you don't see pros for a class in pvp, why keep playing it?
it's like 'i love stealth, but I play jugg, so give me stealth'
want interruptable turret class with lots of buttons? go sniper MM
want instant (but short range) abilities? go PT.
Except this is the PVP forum. And if there aren't pros for it in PVP then BW should add some. Asking for your preferred class to not suck in an area of the game you want to play isn't unreasonable and you're a tool for suggesting otherwise.

Also snipers aren't interruptable.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.