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I thought they were easy to get. My sawbones was a real breeze, now on my sentinel the belsavis shard was a pain unless you set there and wait for someone else to do it. I know when I got mine there was 3 people setting there waiting for someone to do it so they could just pick it up.

I however, got all the datacrons on my main, so I would have gotten them no matter what.

Cunning Martix Cube Red Red Red = 54 Endurance, 80 Cunning, 8 Critical Rating add a augment to that and I did not replace it until dread guard came out.
Some of them are pretty easy to get, and I made sure to get every datacron on my main, but after a few alts it just wasn't worth the hassle anymore. I would much rather shell out the 11k for a BM relic as a fresh 50.