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Hello everyone,

We’ve investigated your reports and wanted to let you know that Space Combat Missions are working as designed. However, the patch notes for 1.6.3 were not fully correct, and we understand that this may have caused some confusion. These have now been updated for clarification, and we apologize for the mistake.

With Patch 1.6.3, all Space Combat Daily Missions were moved to be available 12 hours later. They will now reset each day at 6AM CST (4AM PST/7AM EST/12PM GMT/1PM CET/11PM AEDT), rather than at 6PM CST the day before. This includes the new missions, of which there are 6, and they are available as follows:

  • Tuesday - Far Cradle Strike (Imp) / Regnant Station (Rep)
  • Wednesday - Kabal Station Defense (Imp) / Ardis Outpost Fortification (Rep)
  • Thursday - Kanz Minefield (Imp) / New Covar Ice Field (Rep)
  • Friday - Duma Strike (Imp) / Baros Ambush (Rep)
  • Saturday - Cha Raaba Assault (Imp) / Thanium Disruption (Rep)
  • Sunday - Operation Foe Smasher (Imp) / Operation Clean Sweep (Rep)

If you experience any issues that do not correlate with the above, please post your details in this thread. Thank you!
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